Environmental information K20 - Exhaust air and groundwater purification

The contaminated site K20 in BrĂ¼ckl was secured in 2018 according to the current state of the art and sealed against air and groundwater. The exhaust air on the surface as well as the groundwater pumped out inside the sealing walls are cleaned with an activated carbon filter. The purified groundwater is returned to the groundwater outside of the sealing walls by means of swirling wells. Here you will find the values for exhaust air and groundwater in percent within the valid limit value.

Air pollution control

In maintenance In operation

HCB 1)

0 120%
*Long-term provision value of MedUni Vienna

Water conservation

In maintenance In operation


0 120%
*feed limit value into the groundwater


0 120%
*long-term health care value of the health authority
1) HCB (measurement of Carinthia)

Groundwater not lowered

Groundwater lowered

Dense cover multi-layered

Contaminated site

Cut-off wall

Air extraction

Activated carbon filter

Remediation of contaminated sites

This project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

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Management of Support Programmes

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Groundwater Treatment

Exhaust air cleaning

76.4 l/sek

Cleaning performance groundwater

Groundwater protection

2.02 m

Groundwater lowered (live value)

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